TecProMin Washing Drums


Wide experience in equipments designed to the vigorous rocks, gravel and coarse washing as well as in equipments for preparation, breakdown and homogenization of products for its posterior wet treatment.


  • Obtain a product with optimum quality for all posterior stages in the process.
  • Avoid undesired product processing translated into cost reduction.
  • Automated systems, easy to operate, with high availability and low maintenance cost.
  • 100% local design and fabrication.


The simple operation principle together with a a low maintenance cost of our washing drums provide ideal efficiency for the washing and breakdown of a wide range of materials.

The drum is driven over a quite rigid and compact frame with track driving system composed by commercial tires, connected to motor reducers thus causing the drum movement thus causing a separation, washing and transportation action of the material with low noise level and high performance efficiency.`

The body of the drum is made of steel plate depending on the applications requirements, and it has a high quality variety of replaceable coat designs supplied by LINATEX, a world wide recognized company for its high quality standard coats.
This guarantees a jam-free performance and operation level.

Our washing drum guarantees the process success based on the precision of the design and the high quality standards, achieved by TecProMin´s engineers.


Our engineers and technical staff are highly trained and have the expertise to provide assistance for the equipment start-up and achieve performance in accordance with the performance of the design.


These are PLC controlled equipments allowing a local checking, through HMI and remote control via network in accordance with protocols specified by customer.

Main Features :

  • Motors control is achieved via VDF communicated with PLC via a network device allowing total control of the driving units.
  • HMI is available for operation and remote supervision.
  • PLC offers communication interface through several networks protocols for interconnections with the project control platform.


These are ASTM-A36 (NCh A42-27 ES) tempered steel cylinders with structural rings AWS-welded by qualified specialist to secure excellent structural strength and eccentricity tolerance lower than 8 mm in order to have optimum contact with driving units.

Inner coats are manufactured in 60 ± 5% ShA natural rubber sections and bolted with lock bolts and sealed with liquid neoprene applications.

The driving system is comprised by nitrogen-inflated tires connected to motor reducers to produce silent turning, less than 85dB at 1-meter distance. Additionally, it permits to eliminate the running-in bands in the cylinder and, therefore, also eliminates band wearing and its replacement need, with the subsequent maintenance cost reduction and providing high equipment availability.