About Mineral Stats

Mineral Stats was founded in 1998 specializing in the practical implementation of The Theory of Sampling principles and recommendations. The company was created to provide reliable services to clients as a natural continuation of the consulting and teaching received by the industry’s leading experts. As a result, Mineral Stats only represents the best sampling, testing, particle sizing and metallurgical equipment found on the world market today.

Mineral Stats selects manufacturers of sampling equipment renowned for the quality, reliability, and robustness of their products. Therefore, Mineral Stats is proud to represent equipment that will not compromise on quality, correctness, and other requirements for achieving accuracy and precisions needed during exploration, ore grade control, at the mill, or at the laboratory.

Currently, Mineral Stats recommends ring mills, puck mills and bowls, crushers, splitters, sample dividers, drying ovens, fire assay equipment, screens, filter presses, pilot plant-sized mineral processing equipment and automated sampling stations as well as certified reference materials and spare parts for all represented equipment.

Mineral Stats Inc is committed to meeting all clients’ needs and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff, superior customer service and low prices translates into customer satisfaction and retention.