TecProMin Sampling Systems


  • Quality control backup of the product  during all the process stages.
  • Systems that allow  the obtaining of representative samples of dry or wet ore, with a large range of particles sizes distribution.
  • Fully automated systems, easy to operate and low maintenance cost. 
  • 100% domestic design and manufacture.


More than 600 sampling units for slurry, dry ore solutions and wet concentrate operating individually or as a component of a more complex systems, make TecProMin S.A. into one of the world wide expert in this kind of equipment. 

Sampling towers with 2-3 or 4 sampling stages and with 1 or 2 size reductions stages are some of the examples of the sampling solutions installed by our company, these are custom made and designed for every particular client and installations.

Our systems are manufactured following strictly the most rigorous sampling standards and rules used in mining publications, such as:

  • “Pierre Gy’s Sampling Theorys and Sampling Practice” 2nd edition. Author: Prof. Francis F. Pitard, International Sampling Consultant.
  • “Japanese Sampling StandardsJIS 8100”
  • “Codelco Chile. Norma CNAM 007”


  • Sampler collector driven at a constant speed allows a representative sample.
  • Cutter moves across line.
  • Cutter opening can be adjusted or fixed.
  • Fast unloading system to avoid flow overload.
  • Spare parts easy maintenance.


Vezin Sampler Capacity m3/hr
16” 13,6
20” 14,0
28” 28,0
40” 82,0


Sampler Feed Spoon Type
Linear Cross Ore Bottom Dump
Slurry Vertical Flow
Horizontal Flow
Vezin Ore Radial
Slurry Radial
Sample Divider Ore


In order to achieve a good design for the sampling systems  our engineers  take the measures directly on the site thus avoiding misunderstandings of the project development.


  • Maximum Flowrate
  • Particle Size
  • Solid Percentage
  • Density
  • Pipe Size Dimensions
  • Vein Height
  • Pipe Slope
  • Voltage/Phases/Cicles (drives-instrumentation)
  • Altitude
  • Shifts of 8, 12, 24 hrs.
  • General Arrangements Drawings of the Installation
  • Physical and Chemical Characteristics of the Product


  • Maximum Flowrate (tons/hrs)
  • Maximum Particle Size
  • Solid Specific Gravity
  • Humidity
  • Belt Conveyor Wide
  • Belt Conveyor Feed
  • Belt Conveyor Slope
  • Bed Height
  • Voltage / Phases / Cicles (drives)
  • Voltage /Phases/ Cicles (instrumentation)
  • Altitude
  • Shifts of 8,12, 24 hrs.
  • General Arrangements Drawings of the Inst.
  • Physical and Chemical Characteristics of the Product.