Rocklabs Big Boyd Crusher

The Boyd Crusher is the worlds first double acting, fine jaw crusher. It’s patented design includes 2 moving jaws, one is top driven and the other is bottom driven to enable the maximum amount of crushing with one pass.

The Big Boyd Primary Crusher is a scaled up version of the very successful Boyd Crusher. Lump size up to 150mm pieces can be crushed to 10mm or less in a single pass which reduces time for every sample.

Jaws can hold up to 20kg of samples at one load. These jaws are flat 400mm wide jaws for ease of cleaning and also can be turned top to bottom for double life.

Safety switches are built in to ensure operator’s safety. Furthermore, air ducting is built into cabinet for dust extraction.

Big Boyd Crusher can be sold as just the primary crusher or combined with a dumpmaster.


Width:  1850mm
Height:  1970mm
Weight:  1650kg

Big Boyd Primary Crusher

Big Boyd Crusher with dumpmaster.