Multotec Two in One Samplers

The Two-in-One sampler is a unique design combining sample and engineering integrity within a confined space.

The primary section of the 2-in-1 sampler is constructed of mild steel and housing is rubber lined internally.  Reliable dual proximity sensors control the cutter travel between the two ‘parked’ positions on either side of the sampler inlet flange.

The discharge flange diameter is typically two pipe sizes (i.e. 100mm) larger than the inlet flange to prevent flooding of unit at excessive flow rates.  The unit can be entirely supported by its inlet flange to vertical pipework in an in-line or tank mount position and / or by additional brackets on side of housing for larger units.  Models to suit up to 900NB vertical down flow pipe columns are available.

Generous inspection and access covers are available and air intake slots are provided for on top of the housing.

The secondary section of this unit is an integrated vezin sampler, which has typically multiple (4) cutters of pre-determined widths.  This makes the 2-in-1 sampler extremely versatile, enabling an ergonomically sized sample at required division ratio when run continuously.

The vezin sampler inlet has a conical polyurethane insert to provide a primary sample retaining feature and enhance sample representivity.  This ensures multiple cuts (>10) of each primary increment can be taken.

Both the primary and secondary cutter hoods are radially tapered and fabricated from 304 or 316 stainless steel, which ensures sharp cutting edges and long life.  Vezin cutters are also moulded from wear tolerant composite materials.  These can range from 10 to 30mm or more in width. Optional features for non standard units are spray / flush water systems, replicate / dual final samples and a surge funnel with aeration prior to feeding the secondary vezin sample.  


  • For vertical gravity flow systems up to 4500m³/hr (16497 gal/min)
  • Fits slurry lines from 100 NB (4”) to 900 NB (36”)
  • High sampling frequency possible
  • No separate secondary reject stream
  • Compact and robust unit
  • Easy to install and access
  • Self supporting on pipe flanges for smaller models
  • All wetted surfaces are rubber or epoxy lined
  • Dedicated electrical controller panel with adjustable timer
  • Cutter gap is 3 times nominal top size of material with a minimum recommended size of  20mm (0.8”) in most cases
  • Cutter hood at 90% of slurry trajectory with sharp radially tapered blades
  • Custom designs of certain features are accommodated

Recommended Pipe Diameters for Slurry Flow Rates

Mild Steel, Rubber Lined Pipe
Pipe Φ (m) x pipe Φ (m) x 5665
Calculations based on 2m/sec flowrate

Equipment Inlet Pipe Nominal Bore Pipe OD (mm) Actual Pipe ID (mm) Maximum Slurry Flowrate (cu m/hr)
25 33.7 27.2 4.18
50 60.3 41 9.51
65 76.1 56.8 18.24
80 88.9 68.8 26.77
100 114.3 93.3 49.23
125 139.7 118 78.74
150 165.1 143.4 116.29
200 219.1 195.1 215.25
250 273 249 350.62
300 323.9 299.9 508.61
350 355.6 331.6 621.82
400 406.4 382.4 826.93
500 508 480 1302.91
600 609.6 581.6 1912.85
700 711.2 683.2 2639.54
800 812.8 784.8 3482.98
900 914.4 882.4 4403.15
1000 1016 984 5475.49


  • Engineering of unit conforms to the highest international sampling standards of design “correctness”
  • Unbiased sampling due to:
    –  Full arcual cross stream cut
    –  Radially tapered cutter slot
    –  Constant cutter speed < 0.45m/sec (1,47 ft/sec) at outer edge of   stream
  • Flush water system nozzles above cutter ‘park’ position
  • 25 litre (6,6 gal) retention hopper (optional) for primary sample surge control
  • Primary sample screened and agitated via air agitation prior to secondary splitting


  • Polyurethane (PU) conical retainer at vezin inlet
  • Reliable sample sub-division with multiple cuts (>10) possible
  • Mild steel rubber lined or moulded polyethylene housing fabricated
  • Secondary sample division ratio (4% to 16%) possible
  • 20mm to 40mm radially tapered cutter widths
  • Maximum of 4 cutters possible
  • Replaceable cutter hoods – s/steel or moulded composite
  • Replicate or dual composite samples possible
  • Cutter blade lengths with at least 5cm overlap on each end