Multotec Sample Feeders and Storage Sample Collectors

As per the Theory of Sampling, the total sampling error is the sum of all separate errors made in the Sampling, Preparation and Analytical processes measured as a variance. A representative sample will only stay representative if that sample is prepared in a controlled and preserved methodology. Multotec Sampler Feeders and Sample Storage Carousels are designed to preserve sample integrity throughout sampling plants and composite sample storage facilities. Furthermore, our range of feeders has been developed to transfer sample increments via 1-D streams that ensures that material is presented to secondary sample splitters or dividers for full cross cuts, as to prevent sample bias that could result from segregation or preparation errors.

Our feeders are enclosed with ergonomic removable lightweight covers to prevent sample contamination or losses while allowing maintenance access as required. Manually adjustable profile gates installed in geometric correct feed chutes, optional VSD controlled drives and tailor made discharge chutes all work to combat possible segregation or preparation errors that may occur. Belt alignment control, crowned and lagged pulleys, speed switches, coupled with pull cords allows for reliable and maintenance friendly operation. Available in widths of 200mm -900mm and 1m to 45m lengths, Multotec preserve and present long and consistent material increments for multiple sub cuts or presenting to sample crushers.

Multotec’s Sample Feeder Conveyors complete with feed chutes, profile gates, VSD control and discharge chutes ensures representative increment handling within sampling plant.

Sample storage carousel collectors are integral to preserve larger physical and chemical samples over sample lot periods. Multotec’s sample storage carousels are designed with minimum 50% spare capacity on the sample collection bin, has automatic sealing arrangements for non-indexed bins, bin detection proximity switches, profiled bin location plates and receivers to prevent bin misalignment with the feed inlet, automatic indexing and operator friendly lightweight aluminium or polyurethane bins to combat sample preparation errors. Available in rotary or linear indexing design we can solve. With total storage capacities ranging from 25L to 1800kg we can accommodate variable storage needs.

Multotec’s Sample Storage Carousel collectors boasts features to solve Sample Preparation errors with it’s ergonomic design, automatic indexing and automatic sealing bins in rotary or linear indexing design options.