Multotec Linear Cross-Cut Samplers

The linear cross-cut sampler cutter will be “parked” some 250mm on either side of the falling slurry stream trajectory when a single cross-stream cut has been taken to prevent ingress of slurry into the stationary cutter. The cutter is powered at a constant speed of ≤0.45 m/s (max) by an electrical geared brake motor between two proximity sensors once the PLC or timer has initiated a ‘sample’ signal. Sampling can be timed or on a random stratified basis.

The ‘pelican’ cutter (20mm wide) is adjustable in all 3 dimensions by means of slots and tightening screws and need be at 90 (±15°) to the slurry flow trajectory. Ideally the cutter is positioned as close to the discharge of the launder as possible and need comfortably contain the entire primary sample increment with 50% spare capacity. Vertically dripping slurry can also be caught in the cutter from end of launder.

The cutter is so designed as to eliminate or control delimitation and extraction errors or bias generating mechanisms.  Automated spray water systems can be installed at cutter ‘park’ positions.  Sample launders often supplied with equipment to provide a complete solution.


  • Rugged and adaptable construction with necessary stability during sampling
  • Designed for horizontal or inclined slurry stream applications
  • Takes representative cross cuts of slurry streams
  • Sharp parallel blades of 10mm to 40mm possible
  • Light PVC covers available for easy maintenance access
  • Single or double rail construction for light or heavy duty applications
  • Cutter speed permissible is ≤ 0,45 m/s