Multotec Dry Vezin Sampler

Dry Vezin Sampler Multotec Process Equipment 

The Multotec Dry Vezin Sampler is designed around sampling correctness according to TOS principles and used across various mineral industries including coal, iron ore, precious metals, base metals. It can also be used for sampling and sub dividing dry foodstuffs.

The Dry Vezin features allows representative sampling utilizing radially tapered cutters ( up to a maximum of 4 ) with speeds ranging up to 0.35 m/s in the centre, generously protruding cutter edges (with an option for replaceable hoods), 50% excess cutter volume to prevent material reflux, sufficient outlet capacity to prevent material buildup back into the housing, steep 60 degree discharge angles to prevent blockages even in fine and sticky applications. Stainless steel construction for abrasion or corrosion resistance (with the option of linings ).

 With models ranging from 50NB through to 600NB inlet diameter, down to 5% division ratio, 1,2,3 or 4 cutter options and our in-house custom design capabilities; our vezin sampler range can be designed to suit almost any application.  

Multotec’s Dry Vezin Sampler featuring steep body design, radially tapered cutters, sufficient cutter volume and custom designed cutter speeds allows for representative sampling and reliability in even fine, or slightly moist and sticky applications.