Multotec Dry Sampling Plants Process Equipment

Multotec’s in-house Samplers and Sampling Plant design team, with combined design experience spanning close to a century, has proud reference in dry sampling plants globally. Our flagship installations include South Africa’s only coal exporting Richards Bay Coal Terminal, only Iron Ore exporting Saldanha Terminal, Bauxite Ship loading terminals in Africa as well as two dozen other contractual payment stations in Africa and the rest of the world.

Our sampling plant successes are ascribed to:

  • Our extensive range of turnkey primary and secondary mechanical samplers,crushers, interconnecting chute, sample increment handling feeders , rejects handling and sample storage equipment.
  • Finite Element Analysis of larger primary sampler designs
  • Sampling plant layout design by our team of dedicated sampler and plant design engineering draughtsmen allows representative sampling while achieving > 98% plant availability
  • In-house chute and solids handling design criteria and standards,
  • Inventor modelling of plant and interfaces
  • Experienced Process Engineers competent of combining continuous material streams with batch stratified sampling intervals while carefully adhering to relevant sampling standard.   
  •  Complying with sampling standards, while considering the impact of incrementa processing and instantaneous loads in engineered residence time systems integration
  • Engineering capability to interface successfully with Structural, EC&I and Control Engineers
  • Green and brown field project capability and successes.
  • Extensive sampling experience of close to 4 decades with our dedicated in-house team
  • Optimisation of projects costs through integral understanding of compliant sampling options, process optimisation, height requirements, footprint restrictions and out of scope interfaces and cost impact considerations   

Sampling plant model of dual belt operation, Manganese contractual payment station.  

Inventor model of Manganese Sampling tower showing crushing, subsampling, solids handling and sample increment preservation, rejects handling and sample storage stages.

Inventor model of contractual payment station Iron Ore Sampling tower showing primary belt end cross cut sampling, physical sample leg secondary division, rejects handling and sample storage as well as chemical leg crushing, secondary sampling, rejects handling and sample storage.