Essa® Bottle Rollers

Essa continuous duty bottle rollers are used for batch wet leaching and wet or dry grinding or blending of a wide variety of ores, minerals and similar particulate. They find particular application in the acid leaching of finely ground ore in mineral analytical laboratories. The unit is comprised essentially of rubber covered contra-rotating rollers on which plastic, ceramic or metallic jars containing the particulate are placed. The bottles are then rolled about their own horizontal axis until the desired leaching, grinding or blending result is obtained.

Essa offer 3 roll, 6 bottle and 3 roll, 12 and 24 bottle fixed rotational speed models suitable for 5 litre plastic bottles as the basic standard units in our range. These are available with variable speed drive and timer options. These two standard models are complemented by a wide choice of other capacities that are tailored to suit specific customer needs. This can include multi-tier units and the capacity to roll multiple 10 and 20 litre containers. All units are delivered fully assembled and with power lead and on/off switch ready for easy installation and connection to the customer’s power supply.