Rocklabs Smart Geo-Prep

Rocklabs’ Smart Geo-Prep is an automated version of the very successful Boyd – RSD Combo. The automation is provided by an easy to use PLC.

When using Smart Geo-Prep the operator chooses an optimum weight for the split that will be produced. For example, when using a ring or puck mill, there is an optimum amount for pulverising, not too high a weight so the sample is pulverised fully, not too small a weight so the pulverised sample is representative of the original material.

The operator weighs each sample (this can be recorded in a LIM System) an loads it into the Boyd Crusher. The sample material falls into a small belt conveyor that takes it to the RSD.

The speed of the belt is controlled by a PLC so that small samples travel slowly, to ensure a high quality split through the RSD. The RSD is controlled by the PLC to provide the pre-set weigh plus the remainder. The remainder can be retained or dumped. If dumped, it can be removed by a second belt conveyor to a bin or outside the building.