Rocklabs Mechanized Sample Preparation System

A mechanized system is a combination of two or more machines and devices so that a process of sample preparation can be carried out without any operator action. Mechanized systems are normally more complex than combos or may have a different construction to a combo, e.g machines built in a tower layout, so a sample can travel vertically from one machine to another.

A mechanized system has no automation so any changes of settings must be done manually by the operator. The machines and devices are turned on and left running until all the samples are processed. Samples are processed singly, they cannot be loaded as a batch of samples.

Mechanized systems are designed to reduce operator lifting and handling to a minimum to reduce labour costs. They are normally supplied in a cabinet to reduce noise and allow dust extraction.

Mechanized systems cost less than automated systems and are simpler, so the running cost is lower. They are ideal for laboratories processing 100 to 300 samples per day. Mechanized systems have applications outside the laboratory e.g sampling stations, processing very large samples in a plant or mill.

Discussions, testing, custom designs are all required so delivery time is approximately 3 – 6 months.