Rocklabs Continuous Flow Ring Mill

The Continuous Flow Ring Mill with built-in Rotating Sample Divider (CRM – RSD) combines pulverising and splitting into one single process resulting in increased productivity.

The Continuous Flow Ring is used for coarse pulverising of large samples for mineral separation such as Zircon dating, preparing samples for on-stream analysis, dry or slurries. Low maintenance and easy to clean, this ring mill features a continuous flow-through operation with built-in ducting of cyclone with external connection to dust extraction systems for cleaning the head.

  • Sample bin holds up to 10kg
  • A combination of splitting segments available
  • Quiet operation – less than 85dB

There are 3 options available at Rocklabs:
Option 1: Sample flows in a 10kg container
Option 2: Sample flows in a 500gram pottle/container
Option 3: Samples flows from the CRM into a Rotating Sample Divider (various segments are available)