Rocklabs Automated Sample Preparation System

Rocklabs Automated Systems are based on the concept of a sample flowing through a process, not a series of batch events. The concept has been developed over the last fifteen years. Many new machines and devices have been invented by Rocklabs Ltd to facilitate this concept.

The overall aim is simplicity of design and construction to minimise construction costs and running costs and enable the system to be operated by existing laboratory technicians and maintained by existing plant fitters.

All Rocklabs Automated Systems are custom designed and built to meet the requirements of each laboratory. The layout will depend on sample details such as quantity, weight and type of sample to be processed per shift, the degree of automation and the building where the Automated System will be used as well as many other details.

To ensure success, there must be sufficient testing of a customer’s samples to determine the machines to be used and allow for possible changes in the future. e.g. sample weight may be increased.

Good teamwork is required. Rocklabs’ staff and the customer’s staff must all work together to ensure the best outcome.

Automation allows for samples to be loaded as batches and the whole batch, up to 20 samples or more, processed with no operator involvement.

Over the last eight years Rocklabs’ Automated Systems have processed many millions of samples, reducing laboratory costs and ensuring that high quality samples are ready for analysis.

Automation is a very big subject, so please contact Rocklabs to discuss how Rocklabs
Automated Systems can help your laboratory.

With every System, there is a need for a site visit, test work, design, building, shipping, installation, training etc. A minimum of six months must be allowed for each order of an Automated System.