Essa® Rotary Sample Collectors

An indexing carousel for the automatic collection and secure storage of samples being generated by a continuous sampling system.

Essa® Rotary Sample Collectors are essentially an electro-mechanically driven rotating carousel table carrying a number of removable sample receivers which are automatically indexed under the final discharge point of a continuous sampling system to collect and store the discharged sample/s. The inlet of all containers except that being immediately filled is kept sealed against moisture and dust loss or the ingress of foreign material. They are equally suitable for collecting free flowing solids or slurry. The sample collection containers are typically proprietary line polyethylene flasks which can be readily fitted to and removed from the carousel and can have screw lids fitted while being transported to the analytical laboratory. Stainless steel containers are an available option. The carousel is housed in a fabricated steel cabinet with easy access mesh frame doors which allow the unit to be viewed while operating. Safety switching is fitted to automatically disable the unit if any access door is opened, with the system automatically returning to its correct operating sequence when re-closed. The carousel can be indexed manually to bring any container to a convenient handling point.