Essa® Laboratory Rod Mills

Essa manufactures a range of metallurgical laboratory size ball and rod mills to suit most applications. Included in the range is a Bond Index Mill, which has specific application in establishing the grindability of ores.

The ball and the rod mill are of essentially the same basic concept comprising a barrel mounted in a rotating yoke assembly, which is driven through a gearbox from a three phase electric motor. The barrel is pivot mounted on the rotating yoke and can be tilted for loading and discharge. A spring loaded locking pin is used to hold the barrel in its horizontal operating position. A manually operated locking mechanism ensures the removable lid of the barrel is sealed tight during operation.

The mills are supplied standard with a barrel and rotating yoke assembly and the electric motor drive all mounted on a stand with a discharge funnel and screen. Just the barrel, yoke and drive mechanism can be mounted on a flat plate for attachment to the customer‘s work bench if required.