Alsto Rotary Sample Dividers

The Alsto Rotary Sample Dividers are an essential item for the accurate division of bulk samples into representative portions. Samples are fed at a controlled rate via a vibratory feeder, the falling stream being divided into equal portions by segmental buckets rotating at a controlled rate beneath the stream in accordance with recognised sampling protocols. Alsto rotary sample dividers also have the additional feature of converting to a “reject” divider, with the simple removal of one or more of the sample segments, the rejected sample being fed to a bin, hopper, or even a conveyor via the inbuilt funnel.

The Rotary Sample Dividers features include:

  • Variable rate vibratory feeder
  • Stainless steel hoppers and sample segments
  • Full guarding for all moving parts
  • Compact design allowing a small footprint
  • Simple, reliable inbuilt controls
  • Easily removed and replaced buckets
  • Single phase power requirement
Available Capacity Most Common Bucket Sets*
5L 6 (16.66%) or 8 (12.5%) Bucket set
10L 6 (16.66%) or 8 (12.5%) Bucket set
20L 6 (16.66%) or 8 (12.5%) Bucket set
30L 6 (16.66%) or 8 (12.5%) Bucket set
40L 6 (16.66%) or 8 (12.5%) Bucket set
60L 6 (16.66%) or 8 (12.5%) Bucket set
130L Contact us for Details
1,600L Contact us for Details

* must be ordered separately—different bucket set combinations available